Top 10 Reasons for Hiring
Straight Shooters Advertising Agency, Inc.
1. Seeing The Forest For The Trees
As a company owner, it’s easy to fall victim to seeing your products & services ONLY thru ‘company eyes.’ Straight Shooters Advertising Agency, Inc. can assist in showing you how your products & services are perceived thru your customers’ eyes, bringing you fresh, new perspectives and objective voices.
2. Experience Counts!
Straight Shooters Advertising Agency, Inc. is a locally-owned, full-service advertising agency with the knowledge, skill and over 24 years of experience in advertising, marketing, design, copy writing and production for clients in the Black Hills and Sioux Falls, South Dakota area and beyond; and have won numerous awards for their work.
3. Customer Service, Second to None
Straight Shooters Advertising Agency, Inc. prides itself in providing the highest degree of one-on-one customer service possible for its clients. They strive to get to know each business’ strengths, goals, needs and customer demographics in order to best represent them thru an effective, customized, continuous advertising and marketing plan.
4. Your Time Is Valuable!
As a Business Owner, chances are you have more important things to do than deal with countless media reps & a myriad of advertising options and packages. Straight Shooters Advertising Agency, Inc. saves you time, money, patience & hassle by meeting with media reps on your behalf and assessing all available options on your behalf and presenting ONLY options that would be beneficial to your business, fitting within your budgetary guidelines so you can get back to doing what YOU do best: Running Your Business!
5. A Customized Plan for Your Business
Advertising & Marketing is NOT a ‘One Size Fits All’ proposition. Just as each individual is unique, each business is unique as well. Straight Shooters Advertising Agency, Inc. provides its clients with a custom-designed advertising and marketing plan, geared to reach its intended demographic(s) in the best ways possible, while being conscientious and respectful of their unique needs and budgetary guidelines.
6. Turn Key Advertising
Because Straight Shooters Advertising Agency, Inc. is a Full Service Agency, they can represent YOUR business fully in all aspects of advertising. They provide all advertising and marketing research, planning, purchasing, production and placement on your business’ behalf. All you have to do is give your ‘stamp of approval, they’ll do the rest!
7. More ‘Bang For Your Buck!’
It’s no secret; every business wants & expects to get as much “Bang for the Buck” as possible for their advertising dollar! And that’s just what you’ll get with Straight Shooters Advertising Agency, Inc. Due to the volume of advertising purchased and the agency’s #1 media credit standing, they’re offered more competitive rates and ‘added value’ options, packages and bonuses giving YOU, the valued client more ‘bang for your buck!’
8. Brain Tattooing starts here
Creating TOMA (top-of-the-mind awareness) is essential to growing YOUR business and setting it apart from the competition. The way to do that begins with an Effective Branding Campaign by Straight Shooters Advertising Agency, Inc. They have the experience, knowledge, creativity and insight to create an effective branding campaign to communicate the “feel” of your brand AND create an emotional connection to it.
9. Research & Analysis? No Problem!
From providing ratings for a popular television program to providing a data base to target 35-65 year olds within your zip code; Straight Shooters Advertising Agency, Inc. has the ‘know-how’ and experience to get the job done.
10. Staying On Top Of the Heap
Their affiliations and involvement with AAF-Black Hills, along with other professional organizations and the media allow Straight Shooters Advertising Agency, Inc. constant access to the latest statistics, data, media, market trends and advertising opportunities that are utilized to propel your business forward.