Social Media/
Digital Marketing

The Good, the Bad
& the Ugly

THE GOOD: When used correctly, social media is a powerful tool for any company. Used properly, you can invite your customers into your store on a much more personal level at just the click of a button!

The feedback you get on this level is directly from your customers and authentic. It’s definitely valuable information worth reading and ‘listening to’.

THE BAD: On the flip side a business cannot rely solely on social media to advertise and market its products or services, even though many may try.

THE UGLY: A common problem with social media is that if you don’t have someone conscientiously monitoring the comments presented and providing reputation or brand management, one negative comment from a customer can spread like wildfire, even if the info being presented isn’t valid.

Whether you need help with social media for your business, or just need help monitoring your site, we are always able & willing to help.

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Nobody had any idea how big Social Media would prove to be for businesses.

Social Media and Digital Marketing can be a very powerful and effective tool to help promote your business and reach your demographic, especially if it is used correctly.

Straight Shooters Ad Agency, Inc. can put together a comprehensive plan that will put your Social Media and Digital Marketing plan into action and help your business achieve its goals. Whether it’s increased traffic to your website or specific targeting for a special or limited campaign, we will follow the project through the end and evaluate the results to determine effectiveness and recommend changes for the existing campaign or for future campaigns.

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