Leaving an
indelible impression:
Tattooing your
customer’s mind

There are ways to create an indelible impression in your customer’s mind. Radio has been used effectively for branding since its inception. Through the use of frequency, repetition and reach, radio has served successfully in this capacity.

Creating a good message is crucial to having radio work for you; getting engaging, informative and concise information to your audience in order to have them walk through your doors.

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Want the ability to reach listeners at home, work or on the go?

Long before television came into existence, families around the world were huddled together next to the one and only family radio, grabbing onto any and every piece of news and information they could possibly absorb. And not long after, radio commercials also found their way into the listeners’ ears.

And, since Radio (like TV) is also a broadcast medium, it delivers a message that is immediate, interactive and engages the listener with a prompt call-to-action… especially if it has a catchy jingle, slogan or music bed to help build a product or company’s identity and BRAND. Who doesn’t recall a product when hearing a tag line like… “It’s the real thing”…. Or “Double the pleasure, double the fun”… or possibly “Choosey mothers choose ____.” You fill in the blank!

But catchy slogans or jingles are only one way to engage the listener. Effective, interesting, informative copy-writing is ‘key’ to engaging the customer; pulling them into the story... Your story of what you’ve got to offer and what features and benefits it provides to the consumer.

Straight Shooters Advertising Agency, Inc. can write… and produce and place interesting, interactive commercials that will not only engage the listener with a prompt call to action, but will provide a lasting memory (or recall as it’s referred to in the industry)…. Targeted to YOUR demographic.

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