The devil's in the details!

Effective copywriting begins with knowing everything we possibly can about your business, products and services strengths, competitive edge and challenges.

Then we incorporate that knowledge with what your customers see and understand, gaining a fresh, new perspective.

Once we’re ‘armed’ with this knowledge and insights, we can formulate informative, persuasive, interesting copy, drawing that viewer or listener into your story and ultimately into your place of business to buy your product or service.

If your present copy just is not garnering attention or bringing people to your door, give us a call at (605)388-3369. We can help create the right message, the right image and ultimately create that ‘call to action’ you’re looking for.

Taking thoughts, arranging them and putting them down on paper. Sounds easy, doesn’t it?

But there’s so much more to copywriting than that. The art of copywriting is just that: it is an art, a skill that requires a great deal of…

  • listening
  • thought
  • knowledge
  • time
  • and experience

AND… it is the heart of the message, the meat and potatoes of what you’re hoping to convey to the public about your company, product and services. The correct syntax, grammar and correctly spelled words are all ‘key’ when providing effective copywriting.

Straight Shooters Advertising Agency, Inc. prides itself in providing excellent, award-winning copywriting for its clients. We'll put the pen to the paper and create an intriguing message for your brand and/or product, striving to insure that the message is informative, interesting, factual and thought-provoking… creating a clear call-to-action from the reader, listener or viewer.

Getting all the right information into your advertising shouldn't be a challenge. And it isn’t, with help from Straight Shooters Advertising Agency, Inc.