Billboards & Signs

24/7 Visibility

Can you imagine having the ability to tell a large group of people about your product and/or services 24/7, without going blue in the face or losing your voice?

Commuters on their way to work in the morning or on their way home in the evening and throughout the day are exposed to messages on billboards. But it’s important to remember… for a billboard that’s effective, it needs to be cleverly designed to catch people’s attention and have an economy of copy on it so it can be read quickly and easily.

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Ever heard of ‘advertising at large’? That’s how billboards are commonly referred to.

Your message, big & bold presented in large format – in a given area - for all drivers and passers-by to see.

Cleverly and effectively designed and placed in a high traffic count area, a billboard can bring awareness to a special event, sale or promotion to the ‘masses at large’. It can also be used to brand a business; particularly if the message is up there for an extended period of time.

Depending on the billboard company you’re dealing with, billboard leases can run from as little as 4 weeks to several years, and can range anywhere from a few hundred to thousands of dollars each month or billing cycle.

Billboard contracts vary from monthly calendar billing, to every 4 week billing, thus creating another billing cycle within that year.

Some billboards are bulletins, some are posters. Some are illuminated at night, some are not. Some require a vinyl wrap, some do not.

Digital billboards are eye-catching and usually placed at the highest traffic count areas around town; the place where most people will view your 6 to 8 second message. With their bright LED lighting and ability for the public to see the messages presented on digital billboards 24/7, a digital board is often the most popular kind of billboard to promote a short-term sales event, community event, concert or sporting event.

The type of billboard that is right for YOUR business may be entirely different from another business.

If you’re considering a billboard, contact us first to discuss all your options and take away the confusion and guesswork out of trying to decide WHEN and WHERE a billboard is right for your business. And when a billboard is needed, rest assured that we’ll provide an eye-catching design for your business or product.


You might recall a popular song from the 1970’s with a lyric that says: “Do this, don’t do that… can’t you read the sign?”

Signs provide us information and direction. They, like billboards, are yet another form of visual communication and marketing. Signage plays an integral part in directing your customer to a particular destination, product, service or sale.

Signs play an integral part in educating people and providing direction to our customer when they wish to purchase a product or service. Unfortunately, lack of signage can cause many problems, both for the customer and the business. You can probably recall many instances in the past where you just ‘gave up’ trying to find a product that you intended to purchase, simply because you could not find what you were looking for! There was no signage indicating where that product was located, or perhaps that it was on sale! Many sales are lost to businesses every year for lack of good, concise, informative signage, strategically placed.

Whatever size or type of signage you need for your business, Straight Shooters Advertising Agency, Inc is ‘ready and able’ to help provide it for you at very competitive prices. We work with a variety of local and non-local signage companies to provide our clients with the best possible product at the most cost-effective price.

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Bargain Barn Tire Billboard